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Sr.  MECHANICAL   &   DESIGN   ENGINEER  consultant / contractor

Sr.  MECHANICAL  &  DESIGN  ENGINEER  consultant  /  contract

 Santa Clara, CA



 Project Manager, Opto - Electro - Mechanical Design, Manufacturing,

 Product Development, MEMS, R&D, CADD, Medical, MEP, Quality


            Sr. MECHANICAL & DESIGN ENGINEER, CADD & Engineering Manager

            M-T Design & Manufacturing Service; Santa Clara, CA

 Over 15 years of MECHANICAL, Electro-Mechanical, Consumer

 & Industrial Products & Systems DESIGN from concept to production,

 Prototyping and Pilot Manufacturing to a low cost fabrication.

 R&D, Product & Process Engineering & Development, transferring

 to manufacturing procedures, design & build; Fixtures, Tooling

& Automation, Motion systems, Robotics, Laboratory & Production

 Equipment, Material Handling Machinery, & Processing Line, CADD

 automation, Dynamics, balancing, Control & Data Acquisition.

 Complex opto-mechanical, electro-optical & micro-electronic

 systems, assemblies & subsystems incorporating lasers & optics,

 mechanical packaging, heat transfer, vibration isolation & damping.

 Dynamics, Kinematics, thermodynamics, thermo graphics surface mapping

 modeling & analysis, FEA, Military, Metric & ANSI Y-14.5 Geometric

 Dimensioning & Tolerances, Documentation Standards, Drafting.

 CAD Engineer, Structural Design, analyzing stresses and tolerances.

 Positioning, Forces, Transducers, Location & Motion Sensors & Laser

 Scanners. ISO 9000, DFMA implementation, Systems Integration, value

 engineering of e existing products and time-to-market project management.

 Sheet metal, housing, enclosures, plastics, injection molding,

 extrusion design, evaluating mechanical design concepts, review

 Drawings, issue ECO / ECN, 3D, Solid Modeling, Electro-Mechanical

 assemblies, EMC / EMI / EMF shielding techniques, configurations,

 layouts, design studies, test planning, process development.

Vehicles Design & Modifications; Electric Vehicles Design & built;

Transmission, Automatic Transmission, Manual Transmission;

Design & Built; Motor & Transmission Repair, Rebuild and Modify;

Electric Motor Installation  & Testing, as well as Gas & Diesel Engines;

Supporting Brushless Motor Design, Built, Installation  & Testing;

Have commercial driving License for the whole Europe;  Did repair

& rebuild many cars and vehicles; small, big & huge commercial.

 Automation equipment and machine control using for machines

 and robots precision mechanisms motion programming, fluid delivery,

 mechanics, pneumatics systems, mounting and positioning devices,

 electro-mechanical and vacuum mechanisms, design and analysis

 of structures, castings, welded frames, mechanical detailing,

 redesigning mechanical components for manufacturing.& Efficiency

 Assembly drawings, Customizing Electronic, Mechanical and Electrical

 Equipment. Evaluate, debug, and resolve complex problems on system

 and module levels, materials and processes selection & development,

 innovative mechanical & electrical designs for manufacturability,

 testability & mass production. CAD Management and Operations, Inch,

 METRIC, Wind, SOLAR, Alternative Energy Systems. Physics, Chemistry,

 Machine Technology & Design. Support scientists & electronic engineers.


                        Institute for Business & Technology, CA

                        CADD Engineer, Programming, Design, Management

                        Electro - Mechanical College

                        Mechanical Engineering, BSME, ASEE, MBA


 Use DOS, Sun UNIX, Linux, MAC, VAX and Windows Computers.

 Work with AutoCAD 2k - 2018 & LT, Lisp, Script, Mechanical Desktop, Inventor,

 & Electrical Desktop, Inventor, SolidWorks 2k - 2018 & PDM, Cosmos, Siemens NX,

 Pro-E,(Creo) ZEMAX 2k - 2018, Design CAD Pro, Nastran  2017, MathCAD,  OrCAD,

 MasterCAM, Revit, all Windows 95-2k-7-8, 10  Applications: MS Office; Word, Excel,

 Access, MS Project, WP, Lotus, dBase, PD, Basic, & NET Systms; Lan, Wan, Wi-Fi,

 Wireless. MicroStation, Quadro, C, Fortran, CATIA, SoftDesk. Wind, Solar, Metric.


 High capacity HARD DISK DRIVE Design & Manufacture

 Commercial Color Printer, Paper Tension & Heads Motion

 ICT & PCB Testing Equipment & vacuum tables & valves.

 IBM New  Hard Disk Drive Test & Assembly Equipment Design,

 Build & Manufacture.

 WAFER Rapid Thermo Processing, Chemical Operations,

 Inspection & Thickness Measurement Equipment for 200 & 300 mm

 with automatic Door & manual inserting, Scanners, Stages,

 Sliders, Sensors & Motion Control. Tools for Lab mini-environments

 and clean room systems. Wafer Handling Cassette opening/rotation.

 LASER MEDICAL DEVICE, Lasers, Optics, Fiber Optics. MEMS,

 Collimator lenses automation. Opto-Mechanics, military connector


 Wind & Electro-Solar Installations, Turbo machine. Six Sigma,

 Electric Vehicles and Computerized Transportation System.

 Rack, enclosures. Fiber Communication & polishing Systems.

 Network, Security, Electrical Design & Installations;

 Commercial, Industrial, Residential, Fire Alarms, Smoke

 Detectors, Lights, Plugs, Panels, Power Supply, Robotics Device,

 Conveyors, Spiral Elevator, Fast Cannery Transportation,

 Electronic and Electrical Components, Master Control Center,

 Sheet Metal Oven Rebuilding Project, gas panels, weldments,

 harness, processing hardware & devices, jigs, assembly tools.


 scheduling & production planning, injection molding, plastic parts

 and hydraulic & pneumatic equipment, machinery and control systems,

 mechanisms, robotics & medical device, precision machining, Micro-Machining,

 Review Manufacturing Process and Quality Control.

 Inspecting and control standards, selecting materials, supplying

 BOM & Inventory Systems for Production, Assembly & Operations

 Management. Participate in ATM and other work team activities.

 Oversee and approve all applicable instructions, definition,

 development and qualification of materials & equipment, MEMS.

 Directing & Specify operations and order process tooling.

 Provide training for personnel on correct assembly & systems

 work & rework techniques, and corrective actions & solutions

 for product, process & materials related problems, Six Sigma.

 Quality execution & support, systems-level management and

 technical development. Use lab & shop mechanical, electrical

& electronic tools, measurement & testing equipment, torque

 testers, calipers, micrometers, sensors, cameras & microscopes.

 Project management, statistical analysis, lead design team to

 meet customer product development milestones. Investigate

 design, procurement, and assembly process on projects and

 products. Accuracy of current costs and labor hours.    SAFETY

 Identify and prioritize potential actions for immediate cost

 reduction. Develop system documentation through engineering

 cycle, assembly, integration and test. Ensure engineering and

 manufacturing documentation is completed and released.

3D Printing, Robotics, Manipulators, Electric Vehicles

& Self Driving Autonomous Robotics Campus Cars Projects.

Drone Brushless Motor assessment, Flying no problem.


 Prepare "Dallas Project" for $400 M Contract

 Create CAD Department and Library System,

 Develop Standard for Drawings & transfer with Europe & Asia

 Repair 1000 drawings in 4 hours. CONSULTING

Taught Mechanical Engineering and Descriptive Geometry

 Computer Graphics, Electro - Mechanical Design, AutoCAD

 Plotting, DOS, Lectures and practical assignment

 Software and computer support. Proficient with CADD Systems.

 Electrical Engineering, Industrial Engineering, Manufacturing

 Engineering, Design and development of proprietary Products,

 components & assemblies to build or expand your product line.

 Redesign products to improve performance and costs reduction.

 Strong communication and project management skills, work closely

 with internal cross-functional teams, OEM, customers, vendors

 and suppliers, meeting project deadlines in a fast-paced,

 customer-specific product development environment.

 Program Manager, Product Manger, Engineering Manager

 CADD Manager, Operations & Manufacturing Manager

 Research & Development Analyst, Idea Technologist

 Solutions Development. Instructor.

 Product Development Specialist & Consultant

 Electro-Mechanical, Solar & Industrial Designer

 Motivated, Creative, Independent, Active, Innovative, Team Work

 Project, Contract, CONSULTING or Service;

 US Citizen

 Open for domestic & international travel

 Contract / Consulting $125/h    1099 only

 Ad 50% for management position

 Product or Process or Ideas

 SOLUTIONS Development is my hobby




I do charge   $125/h   1099                 

Small $500 Deposit to start;

Weekly Invoice, Weekly Pay